Minarelli Smash Repairing and Painting 4

The smash repair process

Here is what to expect when you book in with Minarelli Smash Repairs to have your vehicle repaired.

01. Estimate

Get in touch. You can ask all the questions, bring a list if you like. This step is all about estimating the cost of repairs and discussing the options with you. We will arrange a time convenient for you to bring your vehicle in for an inspection so we can determine the scope of work required. We realise you are busy, so our estimate process has been designed to minimise the time you need to spend at our repair facility. Supply your contact and vehicle details, we will take our images and you can be on your way while we work on your estimate. Estimates can be supplied by email or a printout copy.

Need to lodge an insurance claim? We can guide you through the entire insurance claim process including help with lodging your claim. You need to be specific and honest to avoid any potential problems. Any other questions like ‘How long will it take to my repair my vehicle?’ can also be answered at this stage.

02. Booking and/or Insurance assessment

Once again, it is all about your convenience. When you are ready, we will book your vehicle in for repairs at a time that is most suited to you. If you are lodging an insurance claim, we will liase with the insurance company about your vehicle repairs, assessment and authorisation.

When your claim is assessed and authorised by the insurer we will order any parts required for your vehicle repairs.

03. The big day

On your booked day, bring your vehicle in. If you have a replacement vehicle option on your policy, we can drop you to the rental location*. If you need a ride, we can drop you home or to work*. Any more questions? Ask away.

*Conditions apply

04. Repairing your vehicle

  1. COVID sanitising wipe down.
  2. Pre-repair diagnostic scan (if required).
  3. Pre-repair wash (if required).
  4. Disassemble vehicle.
  5. Sight any unseen damage and order additional parts (if required).
  6. Repairs performed (as per vehicle manufacturer’s specifications).
  7. Paint work (as per paint manufacturer’s specifications).
  8. Reassembly and fit up.
  9. Post repair diagnostic scan, wheel alignment (if required).
  10. Vehicle wash, vacuum, COVID treatment and quality inspection.

05. Back on the road

You are good to go, safe in the knowledge your repair is protected with our lifetime guarantee on all smash repairs.

We recommend NOT using any harsh detergents or mechanical car wash on your vehicle.

Any questions post repair? Please reach out, we are here to help.

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