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How to find a Motor Vehicle Repairer you can trust

Selecting a smash repairer is not really something you want to consider until the unfortunate happens and then it becomes important.

If you are anything like me and care about quality and the safety of your vehicle, then ensuring that you choose a quality smash repairer is essential but how do you do this? It is all about TRUST. Many of us have a need to find a motor mechanic that we can trust to service our vehicle. The same principle applies when trying to find a smash repairer.

Vehicle repairs need to be carried out by someone you can trust, and the repairer needs to be approachable to discuss your needs. You also want to select someone that has modern equipment and training.

There are a few simple steps you can follow to guarantee you and your car will be well cared for.

Are you able to choose your own smash repairer?

First, YOU need to be the one making this decision. It is your car and your family’s safety is paramount. If you are going to be lodging an insurance claim it is important to have a policy that allows you to choose your repairer.

The smash repair industry has evolved rapidly over recent years and unfortunately, this has meant that some policies no longer allow you the freedom to choose your repairer (or there is an additional premium placed on this option).

‘Choice of Repairer’ is essential and vital to a good repair experience, so it is crucial that your motor vehicle insurance policy includes a genuine choice of repairer. This means that you can choose any licensed repairer and not be limited to being told where to go by your insurer or only selecting from an insurer’s list of repairers. You need to have the freedom to choose.

In NSW a Motor Vehicle Repairer’s licence should be clearly displayed at a repairer’s premises. You can also check if a repairer is licensed on the Service NSW website.

Research your local vehicle repair providers

Now that we have established the importance of choice it is time to do your research.

Word of mouth is fundamental to finding a reputable repairer and as mentioned earlier trust is essential to a quality repair experience. The recommendation really needs to come from someone you know and trust and the key is to ask people you trust, (your family, friends, work colleagues) if they have ever used or know of an excellent quality smash repairer. If they do not know, then it is more than likely that they will know someone who does. The questions you might like to ask include:

  • Was the quality of repairs high?
  • Did they care about the quality of their work?
  • What were they like to deal with?
  • Do they have any online reviews you can read?

It is crucial that vehicle repairs are carried out by someone you can trust and cares about the quality and safety of the work they do.

Book a vehicle inspection

Now it is time to contact your repairer of choice for an inspection. A good repairer will answer any queries you have, discuss the damage, and guide you through the insurance claim process of your vehicle repairs (if you need to lodge a claim). Once you have established a relationship with a smash repairer that you feel you can trust, they can be your go-to if you are ever unsure about your automotive needs. If you have a question about your vehicle you can contact your trusted repairer and if they cannot answer your question, they will certainly be able to point you in the right direction. A good repairer can provide value to you long after the repairs are complete.

Good luck and if you have any other questions please contact us. At Minarelli Smash Repairs we believe in a fair and transparent vehicle repair experience for all.

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