Choice of repairer

What does 'choice of repairer' mean?

It’s a term we all need to become familiar with when insuring our motor vehicles. We all need to know what it means. Why? Because it’s important when lodging a vehicle insurance claim.

Generally, there are 3 different scenarios when it comes to ‘Choice of Repairer’ on any given Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy.


Choice of Repairer

This policy allows you to choose your repairer.

Many insurance policies automatically include choice of repairer. This is the best scenario because you (as the owner of your vehicle) are the decision maker and you get to decide who works on your car.


no Choice of Repairer

This means that you do not have a choice.

You are not a part of the decision-making process. You do not get to decide who works on your car.


The Optional Extra

Then there is the optional extra which many policy holders are unaware of. This policy does not allow ‘Choice of Repairer’ UNLESS you select it as an optional extra on your policy (as you would when selecting cover for windscreen protection or hire car). This optional extra is called ‘The Any Repairer’ or ‘Choice of Repairer’ option. This policy does not allow you to choose unless you have selected the optional extra on your policy.

Why is 'choice of repairer' important?

You do not want to be restricted when it comes to the repairs of your motor vehicle.

Before you decide who works on your car do your research. Ask around. Ask friends, family & work colleagues. Who does work where the focus is on quality and safety and of equal importance also cares about the quality of those repairs?

Choice of Repairer is important. It is a must. It is essential when insuring your motor vehicle.

If you are unsure as to whether your policy gives you a Choice of Repairer our team are experienced in this field. Contact our friendly team and we’d be happy to help.